Women's Counselling for Relationships

Women's Counselling

Providing support for women in their relationships and their lives

Are there times when you feel frustrated and unsure about your relationship with your partner?  Maybe you’ve tried to communicate with them and you’re not hearing much feedback and it leaves you guessing.  At times it can be difficult for a partner to admit there’s a problem in their relationship or marriage, let alone entertain the idea of seeing a couple’s coach or counsellor. 

Possibly trust has been broken and it hasn’t been really been talked about or dealt with, but rather been swept aside to just get on with life, family and work.  Where there isn’t enough quality time with your partner it can feel like you’re both drifting apart, living separate lives and this can feel really lonely.  Some of these concerns can be frustrating and painful for a lot of women who are concerned, that without counselling or coaching their relationship or marriage may suffer and eventually end.

As a professional coach and counsellor who specialises in relationships and marriage, I get how partners have different ways of dealing with issues and expressing their love for each other. 

I’m passionate to help women express their concerns and communicate their thoughts and feelings so they gain clarity on their choices and relationship needs.

Ways Women's Counselling can help your relationship with your partner

  • Explore your deepest needs in a relationship and find ways to get them met
  • Focus on what you can change and let go trying to change your partner 
  • Discover better ways to engage with your partner to feel close
  • Manage your frustration and anger more effectively in conversations with your partner
  • Discover ways to communicate more effectively with your partner and help them open up
  • Establish a balanced home and family life and shared commitments
  • Learn ways to confront your partner’s unwelcome behaviours, whether it’s not being open, difficult to talk with, being defensive, flirting with others or excessive alcohol use etc.

My partner won’t go to Couples Coaching

Although your partner may not want to go to Couples Coaching with you, I encourage you to do Individual Counselling sessions. 

Whilst you can’t change your partner we can explore your needs, what you want for yourself, the relationship and your life. 

You can learn new ways to communicate with your partner and learn how to respond in a way that is empowering and healthy for you.  You can also learn about what makes a happy and meaningful relationship and then be able to apply that knowledge to your relationship.

We can work on helping you to improve how you engage and communicate with your partner in your relationship or marriage, however sometimes, no matter how much effort you place into it, it may not work out.  This can be hurtful and disappointing, however having Individual Counselling can help you work through these feelings and help you to plan for life as you progress forward. 

Individual Counselling can also help you to work through other related concerns that extend out from your relationship.

How individual Counselling can help Women in their own lives:

  • Strengthen your self-identity and feel good about yourself
  • Find more balance between home, family and career life
  • Heal from the grief and pain from the end of a relationship or marriage
  • Develop healthy boundaries before beginning a new relationship
  • Explore the area of leaving a relationship or beginning a new relationship
  • Deal with past unresolved issues for better relationships
  • Transition from being in a relationship to being single and/or a co-parent

You are not alone

The social norms around women juggling work, managing family and home life along with being in a relationship or marriage is changing and evolving. 

These cultural expectations of woman ‘having it all’ may lead women to being over-achievers, pleasing others to keep the peace and displaying to others including their partner, that they’re doing just fine. While on the inside they may be really struggling with all these demands, feeling stressed and highly anxious, let alone having the energy to be intimate with their partner.

Individual Counselling provides a non-judgemental space to help women overcome these perceived cultural norms and help them build healthy realistic ways of living their lives and engaging with their partner that’s meaningful, exciting and intimately close again.

Unsure about Women's Counselling?

Generally women are open to talking about what’s happening for them and their feelings.  Maybe you’ve thought about counselling for yourself but not sure if it’ll make a difference, although you know somethings needs to change. 

Working with another female, who is a professional coach and counsellor and understands the complexities of relationships, can help you to rediscover parts of yourself you used to be and work towards re-igniting your passion within your relationship and zest for life.

My approach of counselling and coaching is tailored to help you work through those areas that hold you back from being your true authentic self. To help you learn how to communicate in a way that aligns with what you’re thinking and feeling in an empowering and compassionate way.

Working together, you’ll find yourself feeling more self-assured, positive and happier within yourself and in the relationships with your loved ones.

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