Trust & Betrayal

At times I may hear clients say ‘I don’t feel like I can trust my partner anymore, that trust has been broken’.

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship and when it is broken, the wound can be challenging (but not impossible) to repair.

Many of the clients I see have been through some kind of betrayal in the relationship. A betrayal is a violation of a person’s trust or confidence. Betrayal isn’t only sexual or emotional infidelity and it can look different to each couple’s own boundaries and expectations. For example, one couple might accept the use of pornography while others might see it as a betrayal. Many couples see it as any ‘secretive’ behaviour that isn’t disclosed to the other party, such as: siphoning money to a separate account, messaging someone in secret, going to strip clubs, gambling, overspending, use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, using Only Fans and more.

I often find that a betrayal can be the root of all future fights and a toxic drain on the relationship if not addressed. For example, many betrayed partners may let a betrayal go at the time to keep the peace or for the sake of the kids, but they can never truly let it go because the issue is swept under the rug. Meanwhile, the betrayer naively thinks they are forgiven and can’t understand when even years later the issue rears its ugly head again.

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