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Trauma Counselling

How you experience trauma is unique to you.  For many people, they don’t get through trauma without experiencing symptoms that impacts their lives and their relationships.  Trauma is an experience or event causing you emotional pain and constant distress that can overwhelm your ability to cope in daily life and struggle to have a safe relationship with yourself and with others.  

Trauma events can vary from disasters, accidents, abuse, violence, terminal illness, relationship estrangement,  long term emotional distress from childhood into adulthood, just to name a few.  They can bring up a mix of emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, shame or a sense of feeling unsafe.  Some people can relive their traumatic events daily from being in similar situations, hearing certain words, being exposed to certain behaviours or being around particular people, all cues they associate with their trauma.  These painful experiences can be unconsciously simulated in their adult relationships and be a repeated theme for how they show up in life. 

As a trained Trauma Counsellor, I help trauma survivors to process their memories and move towards feeling more empowered and positive about themselves and their relationships. 

Welcome to Couples Counselling

Thinking about having couples counselling but not sure if it’s for you? You may have heard stories from others who have done couples therapy and so you’re here, wondering ‘what if?’, for you and your partner to do relationship therapy.

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples and every couple is unique.

Your are both being different people, with different life stories and coming together to build a relationship. Possibly over time, the difficult situations you’ve been through or the unresolved issues has changed how you feel towards each other and the type of relationship you now have.

In Couples Counselling you both express concerns and what you would like out of the relationship and for yourselves. You will learn what creates a happy, harmonious and sustainable relationship, so then you’ll able to apply that knowledge to the relationship with your partner and to the relationship with yourself.

There is hope after trauma

Experiencing trauma symptoms can be all consuming and can take away your passion to enjoy life and relationships. People react in different ways, experiencing a wide range of emotional reactions and physical symptoms.  There is no right or wrong way to think, feel or respond to trauma, so don’t compare your own reactions to those of others.  Sometimes trauma suffering can last from a few days to decades.  Unfortunately dealing and living with trauma often feels like being trapped in the past and keeps you from living in the present.  However, there is hope of living life more fully and having loving relationships after experiencing trauma.

Some experiences of trauma suffering include:  

  • Flashbacks of moments that keep you frozen in the past
  • Anxiety that makes your heart race constantly
  • Stress and feeling overwhelmed in handling simple tasks
  • Anger or rage towards yourself and others, along with outbursts
  • Depressing states that spiral into dark moods
  • Loss of self-esteem and self-identity
  • Social isolation from family and friends 
  • Emotional detachment to avoid feeling pain
  • Self destructive behaviour with alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn as a way to escape reality
  • Agoraphobia where you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Mental, emotional and financial abuse from relationships

How I work with you

As trauma is stored in the mind and body, I use therapy modalities that combine both talk and body therapy such as: Emotion Focused Therapy, Somatic Body Therapy and Radical Exposure Tapping (combination of: Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

I work with you as a ‘whole person’, bringing in your thoughts, feelings and body sensations into each session.  

With the combination of working with your body by using breathing and grounding techniques to soothe your nervous system and working with your brain by talking your trauma experiences and using RET (that includes EFT and EMDR), helps you to move through limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you.  This helps you to reframe your emotions and perspectives associated with the trauma memory.  Allowing you to feel more in the present moment, feeling more alive and with the clarity to move forward with different perspectives.

Radical Exposure Tapping (RET)


Using this exposure therapy  gives you effective outcomes  from your disturbing memories towards feeling more empowered and at peace with yourself. RET combines Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).  As we  gently explore your trauma memories, emotions and body sensations, I guide and support you, so you’re able to remain comfortable and present throughout the session. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Using EFT, with one hand, you gently tap on certain parts of your face and upper body that aligns with your body’s meridian, to help reduce physical and emotional pain.  Helping you to self-regulate your emotions and re-instate a new way of feeling and thinking to your distressing trauma memories.   



Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to explore what you see, what you feel in your body and what emotions come up for you around your trauma memory.  Then help you move towards strengthening a positive perspective around your memory so it’s less distressing and you feel more positive.

Somatic Body Therapy


Working with your body, I guide you through doing breathing techniques and gentle body grounding movements, to help calm your nervous system and regulate your body’s physical reactions throughout the session.

Trauma Counselling Linda Kelly


  • those who allow themselves to ride the waves of emotions that may come up in therapy sessions
  • those who are willing to identify unresolved memories
  • those who want to make changes for themselves
  • those who are committed to going through the therapy journey towards feeling more empowered and into their authentic self

No, it’s never too late to go through therapy.

Have you wondered how it would be for you if you did therapy? 

Maybe you’ve been functioning in high gear for years or decades, so you don’t have to confront the pain your trauma memories bring up for you emotionally, mentally or physically.  Maybe you’ve pushed it aside and don’t want to deal with it for whatever reason.  However it is for you, know you are not alone. 

Going through trauma therapy takes courage and it’s never too late to heal through therapy.

I get asked this about my trauma therapy sessions.

There are lots of different types of trauma therapies available, I’ve tried some myself.  However to release trauma, specific approaches are needed.  With integrating both mind and body therapies, allows for a more ‘whole person’ treatment.  

Working with your body in Somatic Therapy to tune into your breathing, body sensations and nervous system to be able to self-soothe in heightened moments.  Working with your brain with a combination of Emotion Focused Therapy, Radical Exposure Tapping (that includes Emotional Freedom Technique and EMDR), works to process distressing memories to reframe the emotions associated with those memories.  This helps to live more in the present without intruding thoughts or body reactions, allowing you to feel more empowered and positive about yourself and your relationships.

This depends on your personal needs and what you seek from therapy.

How many sessions will range from one to many, it’s an individual journey for you.

We work together towards a plan of what you want to achieve from therapy.

My goal is to help you feel better long term.

As a trained trauma counsellor I use a structured approach to ensure you are safe within your window of tolerance within each session.

My trauma therapy approach does involve you sharing your trauma information with me.  However we don’t stay in that space for long, as I gently guide and support you towards reframing your emotions and body reactions towards feeling less distressed and feeling more empowered and relaxed. 

I aim to guide you to be  stable and comfortable by the end of each session.

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