Men's Counselling

Congratulations on your first step towards improving your life and your relationships

As a professional coach and counsellor who specialises in relationships and marriage, I get how men and women can think and feel differently.  Fact is, most men like to ‘fix’ things and like to think through a solution on their own first before communicating it to others.  To their partner or wife, they may see them as being distant and non-communicative because women tend to talk out their decisions and feelings with their partner or husband. 

For many men it can be difficult to open up and talk to others, especially when it comes to sharing their feelings with their partner, wife, friends or family.  Some men may not have the skills to express themselves, although there’s a lot going on internally for them.  Men may struggle in silence and become closed off, but they can learn effective ways to voice their internal thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment within Individual Counselling sessions.

I’m supportive in helping men find their voice and communicate their thoughts and even explore their feelings so they can better connect with their loved ones and others.

Relationship areas of Men's Counselling can help with:

  • Improve communication skills for a better relationship outcome with your partner or wife
  • Increase emotional awareness around feelings to improve mental health and closeness in relationships
  • Explore behaviour concerns and create self-affirming behaviours to stop undermining your efforts
  • Improve self-esteem towards feeling more secure and confident
  • Resolve feelings of shame, guilt and anger that hold you back from relationships
  • Regain more positive thoughts instead of negative or self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Develop healthy boundaries before beginning new relationships
  • Explore the area of leaving a relationship / heal after a relationship break-up
  • Deal with past unresolved issues for better relationships
  • Transition from being in a relationship to being single and/or a co-parent

Ways Men's Counselling can help in their own lives:

  • Find more balance between work, family and career life
  • Strengthen your self-identity and feel good about yourself
  • Heal from the grief and pain from the end of a relationship or marriage
  • Explore the area of leaving a relationship or beginning a new relationship
  • Develop healthy boundaries before beginning a new relationship

You're not alone

Social norms around how men show up in relationships is changing and evolving. There still seems to be some expectations of men not to be seen as weak or vulnerable.  These perceived expectations may lead men to hide behind their armour of protection and mask how they really feel inside.  Their partner or wife may see this as them being closed off or possibly not interested. 

Individual Counselling can help you overcome the negative cultural expectations of what it means to be a man and help you build a meaningful connection and closeness with your partner and wife.

Sceptical about Men's Counselling?

Most men never explore the idea of seeing a coach or counsellor, they may even have negative opinions about it.  Maybe you have thought about it but you’re unsure if it’ll make any difference to your situation or relationships. However part of you knows that something needs to change for the betterment of your relationship with your partner or wife.

Working with a female Coach and Counsellor on areas around rebuilding your relationship with your partner or wife, can offer you another dimension in working through those areas that may be holding you back from deeply connecting with your loved one.

My approach of counselling is tailored to help you work through those stuck areas.  To help you learn how to communicate in a way that aligns with what you’re thinking and feeling, towards a closer connection with your partner or wife.

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