Managing Conflict & Healthy Communication

I believe the foundation of communication is being listened to, understood and validated. I teach my clients how to communicate in a healthy way, so they feel safe enough to speak up and not feel held back from fear of how their partner might react.

Conflict and fights are a natural part of every relationship – even the really healthy, functional ones. It’s all about how you handle it. Control is a huge thing for my clients because they are often both business owners, consultants or in high-powered positions. When you have a job that has extensive demands or a job that you’re passionate about and give your all to, the way you self-identify yourself within the workplace can become enmeshed into your personal life. I often find couples ‘fighting for control’. The more control and responsibility you have in your work-life, the more difficulty you have relinquishing control in your relationships.

I often have to remind clients that they are not at work here. We are dealing with matters of the heart. A desire for control can lead to poor communication styles like aggressive behaviour, defensive behaviour and submissive behaviour. I get my clients to ask themselves what they really want out of the conflict. Are you not feeling heard? Are you not feeling appreciated? When we can understand each other, we build empathy, trust and understanding. 

That is our goal.

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