Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is a supportive and empowering approach to help you work through your issues, gain clarity, improve communication, deepen intimacy, strengthen your relationship
and maintain it.

Relationship counselling near me
Couples Counselling near me

Research shows that for a couple to make a relationship last, they need to become better friends, learn to communicate effectively, manage their conflicts and support each other for their future hopes together. 

My Couples Coaching approach integrates Emotion Focused Therapy and Integrative Couples Coaching.  This allows for couples to strengthen their connection in areas of; 

  • Communicating truthfully
  • Building trust
  • Managing conflict
  • Developing intimacy
  • Sharing affection
  • Consistency of care
  • Supporting future hopes

So whatever your issues; lack of communication, infidelity, arguments, facing separation, intimacy issues or the unspoken expectations, there are ways through these challenges towards a healthier and happier relationship.

I provide support to both partners.  Couples will often hear me say ‘I’m on your relationship side’.  

My coaching approach gives you both guidance and a plan with tools to help you sustain a thriving relationship.

Through learning to improve your communication style, creating new ways of handling conflict, sharing those unspoken conversations and sharing feelings, gives you both a strong foundation of feeling securely loved.  This allows for affection and intimacy to freely flow naturally without holding back.

So if you’re committed to making changes in your relationship, then I’m committed to helping you.

Relationship Coaching vs Relationship Counselling

Relationship Coaching helps you to strengthen and thrive in a relationship you truly desire and Relationship Counselling allows you to understand and learn about yourself and your partner.  

My approach of Relationship Coaching includes working with each partner in at least one Individual Counselling session in between the Couples sessions, so it provides a well-rounded support in helping you both to build a solid relationship and maintain your sense of self-identity. 

The Relationship Coaching approach I provide couples towards building a long lasting relationship includes ways to:

  • Communicate with positive behaviour and language
  • Repair trust and reliability
  • Enhance affection and intimacy
  • Strengthen friendship foundation 
  • Establish shared ways of connecting and having fun together 
  • Understand your partner’s perspectives and values
  • Handle conflict in a safe way towards safety and a resolve

Helping Couples to:

Welcome to Couples Counselling

Thinking about having couples counselling but not sure if it’s for you? You may have heard stories from others who have done couples therapy and so you’re here, wondering ‘what if?’, for you and your partner to do relationship therapy.

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples and every couple is unique.

Your are both being different people, with different life stories and coming together to build a relationship. Possibly over time, the difficult situations you’ve been through or the unresolved issues has changed how you feel towards each other and the type of relationship you now have.

In Couples Counselling you both express concerns and what you would like out of the relationship and for yourselves. You will learn what creates a happy, harmonious and sustainable relationship, so then you’ll able to apply that knowledge to the relationship with your partner and to the relationship with yourself.

How does Couples Coaching work?

Sustainable and effective change doesn’t happen in just one session. You are making an investment into your relationship and as individuals.  

It’s recommended Couples attend their first Couples session together, followed by at least one Individual session for each partner, then a Couples session the week after, then fortnightly Couples sessions until needed. 

The number of sessions will vary depending on what you’re both wanting to achieve as a Couples and as Individuals. 

More about how this works…


Our first session as a couple

Arriving to the first session can bring up a mix of emotions – it’s your first session and it’s natural to feel that way. 

Know that you are in a safe environment where you won’t be judged.

In our first Couples session, it involves exploring your current concerns, a history overview and establish a plan of what you would like to achieve. 

You will learn some strategies you can use so you can see results right from the first session.


Individual sessions

In the Individual sessions, we explore how you ‘show up’ in your relationship; your personal history, your own part in the relationship and how these areas affect your connection.  We delve into what you hope for as an individual and as a partner within your relationship.

Each partner expresses their version to an impartial professional counsellor. I am not on anyone’s side, but rather I am on their relationship side. I’m here to get to the heart of what you both want and give you the tools to get there.


Follow-up couple sessions

After the individual session, we then have follow up couples’ sessions.

The focus is around the areas of concern mentioned from the couples and individual session, then I bring it back to what you are both willing to enhance on within yourself as an individual and as a partner, to strengthen your relationship together. You will learn new ways to communicate, connect with empathy and emotional awareness, so then you’re able to apply this knowledge to your relationship in a way that feels comfortable for you both.

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Partners can have individual counselling even if they are in a relationship, or even if they are at crossroads within their relationship.

Individual therapy is possible for you if your partner isn’t able to join, or if they want to join another session or if you’re the only one who wants to do therapy. 

We can delve into what you would like to strengthen in the relationship with your partner, and clarify what you would like out of the relationship. 

You can learn new ways to communicate with your partner and learn how to change the way you respond in moments of conflict. 

Individual sessions are also an opportunity for you to work through reassessing the relationship and learning what makes a happy and sustainable relationship, so then you’re able to apply that knowledge to your relationship.

It’s important to remember, every couple is different, no two are the same – you and your partner are in a unique relationship .

So sessions are tailored to suit your needs, you may need a few or many sessions, depending on what you want to work through, what you would like to achieve and the level of support you seek – we discuss your progress along the way.  Where there is a crisis situation, weekly sessions are recommended until stability has been established and then we resume fortnightly sessions.  

Couples coaching and counselling is best when a relationship is healthy so you can avoid future crisis OR once crisis is adverted, you can delve into making the relationship one that thrives not just survives.

• Learn each others communication and conflict styles

• Maintain a sense of being cared for and guided through therapy by a professional counsellor

• Feeling safe to express issues that have not been dealt with or are avoided

• Be accountable for oneself and what happens in the relationship in between sessions

• Assess strategies used and debrief on how to improve on them

• Reflect on changes made and create new patterns

• Maintain  connection with your partner

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