Some of my clients are high achieving, busy working couples, trying to juggle too many demands in things on their lives plate, from work pressures to finances, to keeping their home life sorted. Too much stress and pressure can be a breeding ground for anxiety. We can often take our stress and anxiety out on our partner leading to conflict and communication issues. That stress will make couples behave and say things in the heat of the moment, sometimes they may unintentionally sabotage themselves and their relationship.

Because the anxiety to feel ok is really high, they might mask it by looking elsewhere for an outlet like infidelity, pornography, Snapchatting someone else, substance abuse or going out.

I guide clients to explore their drive behind their anxiety. To further understand their personal values and meaning behind them, to explore their ‘why’.  This involves a blend of re-establishing healthy boundaries and self-compassion so they are better able to manage their anxiety when it arises and the meaning behind it, ultimately to feel empowered and at peace with themselves.

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